Meet Us

We are the key part of digital transformation...
Why? Because we have a young and dynamic team, but also experienced
that differentiates us, not only in the technical, but also in the creative.
We understand the technological changes and their many ways of applying them.

We work with Augmented Reliadad, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, where
apply to break with traditional ways and innovate with efficiency and low cost

We apply B2B to work side by side strategically together
our partners where we cover all kinds of Developments, Marketing and Design.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high quality services with innovative technology. Break traditional schemes and improve the quality of training and work of the customer, reducing costs.

Our Plan

Our plan it's help companies in their digital transormation. Stablish good results and look for the better way to improve their capabilities. Also generate partners in the worldwide to expand our products and services.

Our Vision

Our philosophy is not just coding!
It is to understand the need of the client and support him in the creativity and effectiveness of development.


We offer canned products but scalable for the need of each costumer. Also we offer our services for custom development in many industries.

Virtual Reality

Train and learn in a °360 world. You can interact and simulate a immersive situation to learn with efficiency

Augmented Reality

With a phone, tablet or website you can mix the reality with the digital world to learn or improve your work production and more


Train your HR with a interactive environment experience. You can economize the training methodology for your company or industry.


We develop advergames to promote brands and serious games to teach

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence it's the future and the present. It's a new paradigm that helps companies in digital transformation with Marchine Learning and Deep Learning. Some of industries that AI can be applied:
Financial Services Automotive Healthcare Human Resources (HR) Retail Manufacturing Telecommunication Government


We help companies take decisions about technology for the digital transformation and agilizes their process

Software Development

We provide a high quality team to develop traditional and custom software for any industry, business and multi-platforms. Our team covers every area of software development: Fullstack Developer, Sys Analyst, Designer, Software Architect, Product Owner and Scrum Master

Our Specialties

Take a look to our technologies

Unity3D 100%
Ar.js 100%
Web AR 100%
.NET 100%
Unreal Engine 470%
AIin deep learning
Adobe Illustrator
After EffectsVFX video editing


What we did at the moment






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Ordered pizzas

Our Portfolio

  • All
  • Seriously Games
  • E-Learning
  • Marketing


Teach how a letter it's composed and written with mini-games

AR FaceTracking

Put your brand at everyone's fingertips without having to download any app :)!

Brain AR

Learn the parts of our brain and how they works.

Norton Etiquetas AR

Promotes the new label brand of Cosecha Tardia wine with AR

Anatomy AR

Learn how human body is composed over a AR platform

AR Card Business

Make a impressive presentation and different way to presents your self

Our Clients

Our Partners


We love what we do

Pablo Palma

CEO & Co-Founder

Pedro Brest

COO & Co-Founder

Germán Limina

CFO & Co-Founder

Sergio Diaz

Game Developer Specialized in Visuals Arts

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Godoy Cruz, Mendoza,

Phone Number

(+54) 11 3283-1215